Hub Metrics Report Types

January 23, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

There are a number of different ways to view your Hub Metrics Reports, each of which helps to provide insights into how your users are engaging with your content.

Reports Overview

Reports are the details that determine the total or average number represented by a Metric. Each Metric is determined in unique ways, and so Reports can vary depending on what Metric is being viewed. Reports can be customized in many ways to give you the precise insight you are seeking. Alternatively, tweaking the Report's parameters can provide you with analysis that you might not have thought to look for!

By Platform

Within the Issue Views Metric, you can select 'By Platform' to see what type of devices your readers are using to access your Issues.

By Performance

A Performance Report gives you insight regarding a specific element of your Issue. These are primarily for Metrics that measure your Issue's interactive components. Some examples of Performance Reports include which social media buttons were clicked, what clippings were added to your readers' baskets and what search queries were entered.

By Heat Map

For some Metrics, you can see a Heat Map of precisely where readers interacted with your Issue. See totals per page in the chart to the right of the images or directly on your Issue's pages 

By Country

For some Metrics, you can view Reports based on your readers' countries.

By Issue Comparison

If you have published more than one Issue with Uberflip, you can compare Metrics between Issues to evaluate each Issue's performance during a chosen time period

Folder Comparison

If you have multiple Folders in your account, Metrics can be used to compare Issues across your different Folders during a chosen time period.

Per Page

For certain Metrics, you can filter Reports by page in order to see precisely where your readers were most interested in your Issue.

Over Time Comparison

Over Time Comparison is a great way to determine when your Issue was performing at its best. You can customize the time frame in your Reports to practically whatever you like, whether a few days up to 6 months.

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