How to Add your Hub to Engage by Disqus

April 11, 2016 Uberflip Customer Success

Before you can use Disqus on your Hub, you need to install Engage by Disqus. Here's How:

When you log in to your Disqus account, you'll see a gear button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen where you can access your Disqus settings. Click this button to see your options.

Step 1 - Click 'Add Disqus To Site'.

This should open up a screen where you can start the process to using Disqus' tool, Engage by Disqus.

Step 2 - Click 'Start Using Engage'.

Step 3 - Enter Your Hub Details.

On the 'Set Up Disqus On a New Site' screen, you'll be asked to enter a Site name, and choose a unique Disqus URL.

Generally, you can go ahead with using your Hub name for the Site name, and something that looks like your Hub URL for the Disqus URL.

So, for example, if we were going to create an account for the Knowledge Base, our set up might look something like this:

Step 4 - Note your Disqus URL! Then click 'Next'.

Your Disqus URL is also your site's "shortname". You'll need the shortname for when you integrate Disqus with your Hub, so copy it and keep it somewhere safe.

Now you'll be asked a few questions by Disqus as they set up your account... but if you have the shortname for your Hub, you can log in to your Uberflip account and integrate!

Click here for instructions on how to integrate your Hub with Disqus.

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How to Integrate Disqus With Your Hub
How to Integrate Disqus With Your Hub

Disqus is a free commenting tool that can help you turn your Hub into a true community of engaged fans.