Customizable URL Paths (or Vanity URLs)

August 8, 2018 Uberflip Customer Success

There's now a way to change the URL for content in your Hub. With Customizable URL Paths, updating the slug for an Item is easy.

This is kind of a big deal. We've now released the option to update the URLs for Streams and Items in your Hub! This article covers Item level URL paths only. If you'd like to update the URL for your Streams, click here

The 'Metadata' tab in the Item Editor now has a section that will have the Item URL in a text-box. If you need to update the URL for the Item, you can edit it here.

Customizing URL Paths

To customize a URL path, click inside the 'URL Path' field and edit the path to what you need.

Once you edit the URL path for an Item, the old path will show up underneath the 'URL Path' field, like this:

Now users can access the Item using either URL path. If you click the 'x' beside any old URL paths, users will not be able to access the Item via the path that was deleted.

Things that are Good to Know

Important: On September 1 2018, Uberflip will be removing the "Enable URL Paths" option from hubs and will be enabling the URL paths functionality on all hubs.

Each Item can have as many customized URL paths as you want to create. Just be careful not to use a path that already exists in the Stream or your Hub!

With the new Customizable URL paths, you may see some changes to your data in Google Analytics. In your dashboard, you'll see data for the old URL and the new URL.

Note that for the new URLs, your AddThis counter data will revert to zero!

Contact us if you'd like to get started on using this exciting new feature today.

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