The SEO Tab in the Item Editor

With the SEO tab, you now have more control over what search engines use for the Canoncial URL, SEO Title and SEO Description for Items in your Hub. 

Here's a complete list of the features you can use to optimize the Items in your Hub for search engines.

Canonical URL

Update this to point to any URL of your choice. If you have the 'Enable Canonical Meta Tag' option enabled for the Stream that the Item is in, this URL is going to be indexed rather than the Item URL.

If you also activate 'Auto Redirect to Item's Canonical URL', using this option will also change where users go if they click on the Tile.

Auto redirect to an item's Canonical URL

You can auto-redirect an item to its Canonical URL. This allows you to easily create item tiles in your Hub that auto-redirect to an outside URL, regardless of what Stream you place them in. You just need to make sure there is a URL in the "Canonical URL" field and check the box labeled "Auto redirect to an item's Canonical URL". 

SEO Title

Update the title that search engines use when displaying your content in search results. Changing this will change what shows up in the title (<title>) and title meta name (<meta name="title">) tags, and can help search engines index and categorize your content.

If you have a long title for your article, you may want to change this to prevent search engines from cutting out important keywords.

SEO Description

Similar to the SEO Title option, here you can change what shows up in the description meta name tag (<meta name="description">). This displays on search results and can also help with indexing and ranking your content by search engines. 

Description vs. SEO Description

Notice that you can update the Description and the SEO Description? The Description is what shows up on your Tiles, whereas the SEO Description will show up in search engine results.

You can certainly copy and paste this in the SEO Description box, but keep in mind that the SEO Description should be limited to about 150 to 160 characters max. If you leave the SEO Description blank, the Description will be used as  a default.

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