Tagging Items in your Hub

Here's everything you need to know about adding and using Tags with your Hub content.

About Tags:

  • You can only tag Items.
  • Tags are not visible on Items in your Hub, they can only be used by you when you're logged in.
  • Extra powerful when used with filters to organize your content.

Now when you log in to your Uberflip account, you'll see a new option in the menu along the left-hand side called 'Tags'.

Using Tags

Option 1 - Tagging Items from the Stream view

Now it's possible to add tags while you're viewing a Stream in your Hub, or while you're editing an Item.

From the Stream, you can tag Items using the button:


Let's take a closer look...


Click that icon, and a 'Tag Item' pop-up box will show up where you can start adding tags to the article. Each tag will automatically be added to the 'Tags' section of your Hub.

If you've already added a bunch of tags to your Hub, the app will show you those tags as you start typing, just in case you want to add a tag that you've already created. 


Option 2 - Item Level Tagging

Click into any Item within a Stream and you'll notice a tab called 'Tags'. Here you can add and remove tags to the Item. The app will automatically save your changes.

Managing Tags

Back to the new 'Tags' option in your Hub menu. Here's where you'll find all the tags you've added to Items in your Hub.

At a glance, you can see how many Items have been tagged in your Hub. You can remove tags from the Items they've been added to, edit and trash any of your tags here.

If you edit a tag, it will be edited on all the Items.

Need to Tag 100s of Items?

We've got you covered. In addition to creating Tags, the dev team here has been working on an advanced version of Filters! Click here to find out how to use Filters to tag multiple Items.

... Or you could just tag each Item one by one...

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