Using Smart Filters to Tag More Than One Item

Using Smart Filters and Tags together is an amazing way to truly automate the management of your Hub's content.

To create a new Filter, click 'Filters' in the Hub menu on the left. Then click the blue '+ Add New Filter'.

Step 1 - Point the Filter

If you'd like this Filter to apply only to specific Streams, click 'Any Stream' in the 'Create New Filter' box that opens.

Choose the Streams in the drop-down menu, click the '+' button. Once all the Streams you want to be chosen are on the list, click the blue 'Save' button.

You can also tell the Smart Filter what to look for by choosing 'Text contains' and typing in the words that are in the Items you'd like tagged.

If you want the Smart Filter to Tag all Items in a specific Stream, just choose the Stream and click 'Next' (skip adding text).

Step 2 - Action

In the 'Choose action' drop-down menu, pick 'Add Tags'.

Step 3 - Type in Your Tags

Any Tags you type in that are already in your Hub will show up as you type. To use a new Tag, add it from the Tags area prior to this step.

Step 4 - Name Your Filter and Run it!

Filters can run automatically as Items are created (the 'On Create' option), as Items are edited ('On Edit') or as Items are created and edited ('On Create/Edit').

You can configure the Filter to run when you click the 'Run' button from the Filters management screen, using the 'On Demand' option.

Or you can set the Filter to run 'One-Time Only' - using this option will trigger the Filter immediately. But if you choose this option, the Smart Filter won't show up in the management screen.

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