How to Pass Hub Engagement to Oracle Eloqua as External Activities

External Activities make it easy to pass engagement data from your Hub into Oracle Eloqua. Using External Activities, you'll be able to to report on Hub activity as part of your Oracle Eloqua Campaign reporting and can pass key Hub engagement information into your CRM system.

Enabling External Activities 

(1) Create a New Campaign in Oracle Eloqua (or Select an Existing Campaign)

In order to write External Activities, you'll need an Eloqua Campaign ID for the integration. You can use the Campaign ID of an existing Oracle Eloqua Campaign or create a new Campaign from scratch to use for your Hub. You'll have the opportunity later on to create separate Campaigns for various Streams within your Hub but you must enter a general Campaign ID to get started.

To create a new Oracle Eloqua Campaign, follow the steps below. 

First, visit the Orchestration tab and click Create a Multi-Step Campaign.

Create a new Blank Campaign and select Choose at the bottom of the screen.

Name your Campaign (click on the name underneath the Oracle Eloqua logo near the top of the screen) and click Save.

Once you save your Campaign, you'll find the ID of the Campaign in the URL of the page (look at the end of the URL for id=#). Copy the ID number.


(2) Enable External Activities

Login to your Uberflip account and navigate to the Integrations page. Click the Edit button for your Oracle Eloqua integration.

On the popup that appears, select the checkbox to Create External Activities. A new field will appear asking for the Campaign ID. Paste in the Campaign ID that you copied in step one from Eloqua.

Click Save.


(3) Uberflip Writes External Activities

Once you’ve enabled the External Activities feature, Uberflip will begin writing External Activities to Oracle Eloqua as engagement happens in your Hub. Note: You will not see the External Activities in Oracle Eloqua until contacts take some type of action on your Hub. Once the activities are written to Oracle Eloqua, you will be able to see them through campaign reporting and when viewing individual contact records.

The following External Activities will be written to Oracle Eloqua:

  • Read Article
  • Read Flipbook
  • Viewed Post
  • Viewed Presentation
  • Viewed Tweet 
  • Watched Video

To view External Activities, navigate to the Settings page (click the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen) and click External Activities under Database Setup.

Select or search for your Hub (enter your Hub's URL if searching). You'll find the External Activities that have been created in the External Activity window.

To view the External Activities for a specific Contact, navigate to the Audience > Contacts page and search for a Contact who's visited your Hub. Visit the contact's Activity Log and select External Activities from the All Activities drop down. Make sure you've properly set the date range.

The list of External Activities written to the Contact's record will display in a list. The External Activities will appear as Watched/Read/Viewed Type Item Title (#ItemID) Uberflip (Hub URL), whereby:  

Type = Article, Flipbook, Post, Presentation, Tweet, or Video

Item Title = The Item's title as displayed in the Hub

Item ID = The Item's 9-digit ID

Hub URL = The URL where the Hub lives (i.e.

When viewing a contact record in Oracle Eloqua Profiler the External Activities will display as shown below:


How to Make Use of External Activities in Oracle Eloqua

(1) Campaign Response Rules

External Activities can be used to trigger Campaign Response Rules, which make it easy to update and set Campaign statuses in Salesforce (or your CRM).

(2) Stream Specific Campaigns

You could also create specific Campaign IDs for Streams of content in your Hub and associate those Streams with a specific Eloqua campaign. For example, you may want to create a Campaign in Eloqua for your account-based marketing (ABM) efforts and associate an account-based marketing Stream in your Hub with that campaign.

To set a specific Campaign ID for a Stream, navigate to that Stream and from the Stream Options menu, click Metadata.

Enter your Campaign ID in the last field and hit Done.

External Activities for any views of Items that live in a Stream with a unique Campaign ID will be written to that Campaign in Eloqua instead of the default Campaign ID that was used when enabling External Activities.

(3) Lead Scoring

External Activities can also be used as part of a Lead Scoring model when adding Engagement activities. 

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