Prefilling Form CTAs with Known Fields

November 13, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

Prefilling Form CTAs is a feature that is automatically implemented with your Hub when integrated with Oracle Eloqua. 

When a user has filled out information on a Form CTA and later views another Form CTA integrated with Eloqua, any data previously entered will be automatically filled into the form fields. 

The way that Form CTAs are prefilled is through the use of cookie tracking.  Once a user visits a Hub, they are assigned an ID within a cookie.  Any data transferred to Eloqua is tied to this cookie’s ID.  We use this ID when a user visits to retrieve their user profile.  

In Oracle Eloqua’s case, the cookies work on the basis of a 3rd party cookie. This means that all domains share the same ID.  

For example, a Hub at and another at could both share known users.  

If a user is not known yet (meaning the cookie has been created but an email has not been sent over to make the connection), then information is passed into an anonymous profile until such time the connection is complete.  

This is useful for things like page views.  Page views will accumulate onto the anonymous profile under the cookie ID and once the cookie ID is tied to proper contact information, the page views will transfer over to that user’s profile.  

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