Personalizing your Streams with Stream Templates

April 19, 2018 Jason Oakley

Looking to personalize the design of your Marketing and Sales Streams? Stream Templates make it incredibly easy to turn your Marketing Streams and Sales Streams into highly customized content experiences, in just a few minutes!

In this article, we’ll highlight each of the features in your Stream’s “Appearance” tab and how you can use them to create a highly customized experience, like the one below!

To get started personalizing a Stream, go to your Content page > click on any Marketing or Sales Stream and > select the Appearance tab. 

At first, a Stream will be set to use the default template, but if you select the drop-down menu you’ll be able to choose our new “Banner + Logo” template. 

Banner + Logo Template Settings

Banner Color - this template lets you add a custom banner to the top of your Stream. This setting allows you to customize the background color of the banner. 

Banner Title - Add a title to your banner. This will be added inside the banner and won’t replace your Stream’s default title and description. These will still remain under your banner and act as your pages meta title and meta description. 

Title Color - Customize the color of your title so it contrasts well with your banner background. 

Banner Image - You can also upload a custom background image that will fill your top banner. Just upload an image and use the cropping tool to select what area is visible. This background image will overlay your background color. Without any further action, you won’t see your background color. 

Click here for more information on how to optimize your banner image for Stream Templates. 


Banner Image Opacity - This setting lets you adjust the transparency of your image. With it, you can blend your Banner Image and Banner Color, like the example below!

Prospect Logo - Creating a Stream for ABM? Include your prospect's logo in the Stream banner. Through our integration with Clearbit, you can quickly search, find and apply the perfect logo. If you can’t find it or prefer to upload your own, that’s an option too.

Company Logo - When including a prospect logo, we will automatically include your Hub's avatar image in the header. However, you do have the option to upload your own custom image. 

Glyphicon - When you add a prospect logo, we will automatically apply your Hub’s logo to the banner as well, similar to the experience below. Using the icon drop-down, you can select which icon you want to show between the two. 

Hide Hub Menu and Footer - With a click, you can hide your Hub menu and footer from this Stream, making it a more focused experience for the visitor. 

Hide Item Navigation - If you prefer not to have the default prev/next controls or item carousel at the bottom of your item pages, you can simply hide them on this Stream.  

Hide Stream Title - If you include a Banner Title on your Stream, you may want to remove the default Stream title. Use this feature to remove the default Stream Title and use the Banner Title as the <h1> for your page. 


Have questions, concerns, or comments? Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team at or 1 (888) 694-2946.

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