Deleting Flipbooks

You may need to delete a Flipbook after you've uploaded it. 

It may no longer be needed or current, and so you just want to fully delete it from your account.  THIS OPTION CANNOT BE REVERSED!!!

If you're not 100% certain you want to delete a Flipbook, you may want to DISABLE it instead for a less permanent result.  

If your Flipbook has been uploaded for MORE THAN 12 hours, you will lose the upload if you delete it.  You will know if it has been LESS THAN 12 hours because the "Manage your Flipbook" screen will tell you when the 12-hour period is over. (1)


To delete a Flipbook for whatever reason, navigate to the 'Flipbooks' section of your account and select the Flipbook you'd like to delete.

From the popup screen, click on the trash can to the right of your Flipbook status.


Once clicked you will be taken to a warning/confirmation screen which will ask you "Do you still want to proceed with deleting this Flipbook?". Click Permanently Delete to follow through with delete, click CANCEL if you want to cancel the delete.

Delete Flipbook Screenshot

Last Updated: January 25th/2015

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