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Whenever you need to edit, format and "Enhance" the pages of your Flipbooks, you can use the Enhance menu that is accessible in the Flipbook settings and options page.

To access this screen, click on a Flipbook > Manage Flipbooks(1). Select the Folder (2), then select the Flipbook you wish to Enhance(3).

Flipbooks - Enhance Menu

From this menu you can access:

Page Editor

  • The page editor is your one stop shop for all formatting options for your Flipbook pages.  This is where you would add Videos, Image Gallery, Links, Tabs, and much much more.


  • View, edit, delete, adjust your existing autolink jobs.  Auto Links is a great way to link specific words and pieces of content to different parts of the Flipbook, a glossary, or even external links!

New auto-link

  • Create new autolink jobs including the default Website/Emails job OR create links from an uploaded CSV file OR create a custom link creation job using Regular Expression string searching query.

Batch Update

  • Perform a mass change for link style and hovertip for existing links.

Page replace

  • Very useful tool to use when there are errors or conversion concerns with your pages OR you have some new content you need to update your page with.  A great example is if you mis spelt the Title on the Cover page.  With page replace, you will not break the link, or use a credit, you can simply swap the pages out!



Last Updated: January 25th/2015

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