Flipbook Statuses

August 17, 2011 Uberflip Customer Success

A Flipbook can have 3 different statuses.

  1. Active - The Flipbook is live and available for the public to access through a direct link, Folder link OR through the archives
  2. Disabled - The Flipbook is not live. Any Flipbook or Folder links will result in this error message: 

  3. Future Pub - The Flipbook is set to become active on a future date.  You can set a Flipbook to have a future pub status at the time of upload OR post upload.  Flipbooks that are Future Pubs will not load up via the direct Flipbook link.


  • If your Flipbook has a status of DISABLED or FUTURE PUB, as a logged in user you can view these yourself to make enhancements, review for approval, etc, using the PREVIEW buttons
  • You can toggle between active and disabled statuses for a Flipbook while in your Flipbook settings and options screen (see screenshot below)
  • DELETED Flipbooks are no longer accessible and any associated Metrics are also lost.  
  • When in doubt, disable your Flipbook rather than delete.




Last Updated: January 25th/2015

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What is a Flipbook?

A Flipbook is the default terminology used to describe a PDF when it is uploaded to the Uberflip system.

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Enhance Button

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