How to Use Flipbook 4 - End User Experience

February 27, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

For the most part, Flipbook 4 brings the same user experience regardless of what type of device you're using.   Below are the basics on how to use the features and tools for Flipbook 4.

Flipping Pages

There are a few ways you can flip pages while using Flipbook 4:

  1. Navigate to First, Previous, Next and/or Last Pages using the Side Navigation Controls.
    Note:  Clicking or tapping on a Link or Page Widget will not reveal the page navigation controls, rather that will trigger the Link/Page Widget functionality.  
  2. When zoomed out or in Scrubber Mode,  using a keyboard,  the Left and Right arrow keys will navigate to the Previous and Next pages respectively.
  3. Use a mouse to click-and-drag a page left or right or your finger to swipe the pages back and forth.  See Swipe Gestures below.


Zooming in and out on a Page

There are also various ways you can control the zoom level on Flipbook 4 pages:

If you're using a mobile device:

1. Double-tap anywhere on a page to zoom in and out.

2. Finger pinch to zoom in and out.  This allows various zoom depths.  See Pinch Gesture below.

If you're on desktop:

  1. Double-click on a page to zoom in and out.
  2. Press the "z" button on the keyboard to zoom in and out.
  3. If your device does not have touch support, while zoomed in on a page the Flipbook will display buttons for zooming In ("+") and Out ("-").


Panning around on a Zoomed Page

Once zoomed in on a page, you can navigate around that page:

  1. Use a mouse to click-and-drag the page around
  2. Use finger swipe motions to move the page in all directions
  3. For non-touch supported devices, use the 4 arrow keys to move the page up, down, left and right.  Use the center 'zoom reset' button to take focus into the center of the page


Scrubber Mode

This feature allows users to quickly browse through all of a document's pages by displaying smaller thumbnail sized versions of them.    Just click-and-drag or swipe to browse the pages, then single click or single tap to navigate to the chosen page.

Access the Scrubber Mode on:

  • Mobile:  From a non zoomed in page, reverse pinch gesture to 'zoom out further'.  Exit the Scrubber Mode with a single tap on any page or Pinch Zoom in on the center page
  • Desktop:  Using a keyboard, hold the SHIFT key and double click anywhere on a page.  Exit the Scrubber Mode by single click on any page


Page Number Bar

Displays the page number(s) of the currently viewed page(s) and is revealed by single clicking or single tapping a page.  Again, any Link or Page Widget functionality will take precedence.

Once the Page Number Bar is displayed, use the mouse to click-and-drag, or a finger to drag the Page Number Bar to the desired page


Searching the Flipbook

To search a Flipbook, click or tap the magnifying glass icon in the Toolbar, enter a search term in the box provided and and press Enter, Go or the equivalent on your device's keyboard. 


Flipbook Toolbar Tools and Icons

Note that some of these tools and features may or may not appear in the Toolbar depending on whether the Flipbook creator has turned these features on or off.

  •   Search:  Enter a search query here and a result of exact string matches will display
  •   Share:  Post a link to a Flipbook page on Social Networks or share with a friend via Email
  •   Archives:  View all other Flipbooks available under the same Folder 
  •   Table of Contents:  Display any available articles for different sections of the Flipbook
  •   Text Mode:  View an easy to read 'Text Only' version of the page
  •   Download PDF: Download a PDF copy of the Flipbook
  •   Help:  Access the Help File


List of Keyboard Shortcuts (Non Touch Screen Devices and Desktop only)

  • "z" will zoom in and out
  • While zoomed in:  Arrow keys will pan around the page and the "+" and "-" keys will adjust the zoom level
  • While zoomed out:  Left and right arrow keys will flip to previous and next pages respectively


Swipe Gestures and Other Functionality for Touch Supported Devices

  • Finger Swipe
  • Single Tap
  • Double Tap
  • Pinch
  • Pan
  • Rotate Device
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