Override Folder Options

The usual way to define settings like the toolbar options for your Flipbooks, page offset, and default cover thumbnail image is at the Folder level.

There may be some cases where you need different settings on a particular Flipbook, compared with the normal settings selected at the Folder level that apply to all Flipbook under it. (examples: a page offsest may be different on a particular Flipbook OR a fold out cover advertisement may warrant the always open option for a specific Flipbook)

You can specifically set some options at the Flipbook level that will override the Folder settings.

Access Override Settings

Step 1:  Navigate to the Flipbooks screen (1), select a folder (2), and click on a thumbnail of your Flipbook to access its options(3)


Step 2:  Within the Flipbook Options screen, navigate to the "Manage" list, and click on the Override Folder Defaults button


Step 3: 

  • In that popup, just select the options you want to apply to that particular Flipbook only and hit the SAVE button.
  • Click RESET to change all Options to match what is setup at the Parent Folder level.



Last Updated: January 25th/2015

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