PDF Flipbook Viewer for Desktop Browsers

June 7, 2017 Clint Hamilton

Your Flipbook just became even more customizable! Introducing the PDF Viewer for Flipbooks.

We know you may be a fan of viewing PDFs in a traditional experience, so we've released a new Flipbook viewing option that allows you to display your Flipbooks as Native PDFs.  This option can be set for any Folder and will apply to all Flipbooks that live under the Folder.  




  • Some features that are currently available for Flash and HTML5 Flipbooks are not available yet for the Native PDF option. Some of these features will be added to the new version over time, but some may also be deprecated.  This article will keep you updated on which features are being worked on over time.
  • All PDFs will be displayed using Google Document Reader (Default)
  • Metrics will be recorded as a single view-per-PDF in Flipbook Metrics (triggered when the Flipbook initially loads)

Not Currently Available with PDF Viewer

  • Full Flipbook Metrics are not available when using the Native PDF viewer. 
  • All components of the Page Editor (if you want to make your Flipbook more dynamic and interactive, you'll need to use our regular Flash or HTML5 Flipbooks)
  • Subscriptions and Authentication Features
  • Folder Widgets 
  • Most Folder Options

Have questions? Contact our Support Team today at support@uberflip.com or 1 (888) 694-2946 x 2.

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