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August 29, 2011 Uberflip Customer Success

Every Flipbook has its own Pub Date. This typically refers to the date on which your Flipbook was uploaded.

You can customize this date as well if you want the Pub Date to be another day. For instance, if you are uploading the last 5 Flipbooks of your monthly newsletter, you will need to change each of their Pub Dates so they are not listed as today's date.

The Pub Date can affect your Flipbooks in a variety of ways:

  • Your Folder Link URL directs readers to whichever Flipbook has the most recent Pub Date 
  • The Pub Date determines when your Flipbook will become active and publicly available (future Pub Dates will auto activate your Flipbook)
  • The sort order of your Flipbooks in the Archives popups for Desktop/Mobile, your Hubs Collection Items and Custom Domain Landing Page (if applicable) will be determined by the order of their Pub Dates.

You can change a Flipbook's Pub Date by following these steps:

Step 1 - Select Flipbooks > Manage Flipbooks (1) from the top menu and select a Folder (2), and then select a Flipbook (3)

Step 2 - Change the Pub Date

If you would like this Flipbook to be displayed when using your Folder Link's URL, ensure that it has the most recent Pub Date.

Last Updated: January 25th/2015

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