What is a Flipbook?

A Flipbook is the default terminology used for a converted PDF.   Once a PDF is uploaded and processed by the system, it becomes a Flipbook.

Every Flipbook requires 1 Upload credit. Once uploaded, you have 12 hours to delete the Flipbook if you want to get that credit back. 

Flipbooks deleted past 12 hours after upload will not be able to recoup the credit used up for that upload.

Every Flipbook has an unique Flipbook ID and a corresponding unique Flipbook link.

For example:  www.yourdomain.com/i/##### (where ##### would be the unique Flipbook ID)

All Flipbooks are located in a parent Folder. Depending on your account type, you might have one Folder or access to create as many Folders as you'd like.

You can access your Flipbook by logging into your account and clicking on "Flipbooks", then choosing a Folder to take you to your main Flipbook list view.  

Once in your Folder view, you will see a list of Flipbooks in the "Manage Flipbooks" Section.

Flipbooks Screenshot



Click on any Flipbook Cover Image Thumbnail to bring up the Flipbook Settings and Options popup:



Flipbook Settings

  • Link: The unique link for this Flipbook
  • Name: Edit the Flipbook name by hovering over the name field and clicking on the pencil icon. Click save once done
  • Pub Date:  Date Flipbook became live OR an adjusted date applied to an archive Flipbook uploaded at a later date.  Adjusted dates are entered to ensure the order of Flipbooks is correct in the archive lists.
  • Status:  You can toggle between Active and Disabled by clicking on the respective links.
    • Active (Flipbook is live to public)
    • Disabled (Flipbook is hidden from public view)
    • Future pub (at time of upload, Flipbook was set to become active automatically on a future date.  Once a Flipbook becomes active, you can change the Pub Date to a future date to ensure an automatic activation again.  If you want to make a Flipbook active before the intended future pub date, you can click Publish Now to instantly make the Flipbook Active.)
    • Delete: Choose to remove the publication permantely from the Hub

Promote codes: 

  • Tweet Link: Send a Tweet with the Link to this Flipbook
  • Post to Facebook: Send a link to Facebook to this Flipbook
  • Cover with link: Copy the cover image link code for embedding on webpage, blogs etc
  • Mini-flipbook:  animated flipping object good for grabbing user attention.  Object is flash based and only viewable on flash supported devices.  Just click the link and grab the code for embedding on webpages, blogs etc.

Enhance Codes:

  • Page Editor Tool: Please see Enhancements section
  • Auto Linking Tool: Please See Auto Linking section
  • Replace a Page: This is great in case you have a page with a spelling mistake on it.  This will allow you to replace 1 page you select from within the Flipbook.  Instead of breaking links, or causing issues, you can just replace 1 page within the document and not affect the location of the document.

Manage Codes:

  • Move Flipbook: To move your flipbook between folders on your account
  • Override Folder Defaults: Overriding the defaults on a PER flipbook basis
  • Flipbook Metrics: To get quick access to the metrics to this one particular flipbook
  • Replace Flipbook: To replace the whole flipbook with a new one.  Only done sometimes, on a case by case basis.  As you will lose all metrics and associated data when removing the first book.

Last Updated: January 25th/2015

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