Direct link to specific page of your Flipbook

Whether you are using Flipbooks on their own or within a Hub environment, you have the ability to link to a particular page within that Flipbook.

Please note:

  • Direct page links do not support page offset setting. 
  • They will always take user to the Absolute page number (very first page is 0 and continues up: 0,1,2,3,4...)

Standalone Flipbooks (Outside of Hubs)

You can directly link to a publication page by adding "/#" to the end of a standalone Flipbook link.

The # refers to the absolute page number of the publication (cover page is page 0 and so on).  So to link to the 5th page of a document you would add "/4" to the end of the publication

EG (where ##### is the unique Flipbook ID)

EG (where #### is the unique Folder ID)


Hubs Flipbook Link

Add '?p=x' to the end of any Hubs Flipbook link, where x is the absolute page number you want users to arrive on when Flipbook first loads.

EG. will load up the Hubs version of the May 2014 edition of our 'Flipped' newsletter on the 5th page.

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