How to present advertisements on Flipbooks?

Of course it's up to you to decide how you want to sell/present advertisements in your Flipbooks, but here are some ways you can go about placing advertisements.

Custom Embed Widget
Use the space to the left of your Desktop Flipbook edition for advertising space.  Load any external content you want

Things to Know
- For desktop only
- Different screen sizes will display this custom embed content slightly differently.  A very long object (1000PX) may look good on a 17 inch monitor, but would require a laptop user to have to scroll down to see the full object for example
- Width of that left side area can be adjusted to accommodate the advertisement you want to display.  Remember though that widening that left side area takes away space from your Issue display area, which can lead to your issue displaying smaller

Custom Popup Widget
This will display when someone first loads up your Desktop Flipbook edition and can load up any externally hosted content.

Things to Know
- For desktop only
- You can choose to force user to close the popup OR have it automatically hide after a few seconds
- Define the width/height to correspond to the external content size

Page Widget Overlays
Overlay any externally hosted content on top of your pages.  Could include advertisements

Things to Know
- Supported on desktop AND mobile platforms
- Option to close means you can essentially overlay content on your page; end user can close it to view content underneath on the page
- Can use a number of approaches to placing advertisements, including clickable images, YouTube video, Forms, etc.
- Not shown on zoom in both desktop and mobile , or on full-screen on desktop

Timed Page Advertisements - Page replace
Advertisement would be directly on the PDF page itself and you could sell a certain time period for that page to be displayed OR after a certain number of page views the time is up.  Then replace the page with another advertiser who would follow the same approach.

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