Adding, Removing, and Rearranging Flipbook Metrics

January 13, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

You can customize your Metrics Dashboard in whatever configuration you'd like. Here's how to add, remove and rearrange your Metrics.

Adding a New Metric

By default, you will have a small number of Metrics already on your Metrics Dashboard. There are many other Metrics available to you, which can provide insight in different ways.

Step 1 - Select "Add a New Metric"

Step 2 - Select a New Metric

Your new Metric will now be on the Dashboard!


Removing & Rearranging a Metric

Step 1 - Select "Rearrange Metrics"

Option A - Removing a Metric

Drag a Metric to the trash icon.

Option B - Rearranging a Metric

Click and drag a Metric into a new position.

That's it! You've just customized your metrics dashboard.



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