Flipbook Metrics/Reports - Volume Limits

When reporting on Flipbooks, there are limits to the volume of Flipbooks that can be reported on within a certain time frame.  These limits are to ensure that a result is provided and queries don't get too complex and will not be able to complete before the system times out on the request.

To be sure to get your Metrics and Reports to provide a result, please adhere to these limits:

  • No reporting period limitation if 100 Flipbooks or less are selected
  • Limit to 6 months or less if 101-200 Flipbooks are selected
  • Limit to 1 month or less if 201-500 Flipbooks are selected
  • Limit to 1 week if 500+ Flipbooks are selected

If your attempt to view data in the Dashboard or any Report results in an error, please try reducing the number of Flipbooks being reported on OR decrease the Reporting Period window.

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Flipbook Metrics Email Reports
Flipbook Metrics Email Reports

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