Bookshelf Embed Tool

A nice way to show your users ALL of your Flipbooks available under one Folder is the embedded bookshelf object.

Note: You need to enable the "Show Archives" option for the Folder (Edit Folder>Options) in order to use the embedded bookshelf object.

While in your "Manage Flipbooks" view select "Bookshelf" from the Folder tools>Promote dropdown menu.

Folder - Embed Bookshelf Access Image



You'll see a popup window appear and you can just copy the auto-generated embed code using the default settings OR build your custom bookshelf by changing the options:

  • size (width and height):  Customize the display size of your bookshelf
  • covers per screen:  How many cover thumbnails do you want to display per screen?  If you have more Flipbooks under the Folder than the number specified here, the bookshelf will have multiple pages for the end user to navigate through.  Also if you choose more covers than can fit in the specified size above, there will be scroll bars present so that users can scroll to see all covers.
  • theme:  there are 6 different themes, choose which one you like the best
  1. Natural Wood (default)
  2. Light Wood
  3. Dark Wood
  4. Metallic
  5. Light Metallic (white)
  6. Transparent (no background)
  • other options: Here you can enable or disable the option to show the Folder name for your bookshelf. There's also an option to show pagination on your bookshelf.

Once you are done customizing, you can see what your bookshelf will look like in the preview pane on the right of the popup.

When you are satisfied, just copy the embed code using your mouse OR the "copy to clipboard" button. 

Click "finished" when you are done and paste the copied code in your webpage or blog entry.

Folder - Embed Bookshelf Options Screen




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