Upload Link & Cover Image Promotion Tools

You can link directly to an upload to always serve the end user the latest publication based on pub date.

This is a great method to use when you want to share a link that will never change, but will always get the end user access to your latest content.

An example of an upload link is: www.epageflip.net/i/#####  (where ##### is a unique number).

Access the upload link by:

  • Navigating to your chosen upload
  • Click on the Flipbook settings and, under Promote, choose linkable cover

Linkable cover - Access Image


  • A popup window will appear where you can (refer to below image):
  1. Select Cover Width
    Choose the width of the cover image you would like to use for the link to the Flipbook.  The height value will automatically be set based on the width.
    Note in the image below that your width selection is reflected in the code at the end of the '<img src=' URL.  This means you can adjust the width to something more custom to your needs right in the code itself if the predefined widths available are not ideal.  Just make sure you don't go too large because the quality of the image at higher size may show degraded quality.
  2. Copy and Paste the code
    Paste the code where you want the upload link to appear; on your website, blog or email.  Just be aware that pasting HTML in emails can be tricky and how this element is displayed is dependent on the email client you use to create, and the client your users view the email on.  
  3. Preview 
    This area gives you an idea of the size and how the image will look and behave.  The preview image is clickable so you can test the behavior as well.
  4. Finished
    Click the "Finished" button once you have configured the image and copied the code 


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