Folder Basics

Information about your Folders including setup, maintenance and customization.

  • What is a Folder?

    What is a Folder?

    A Folder is the location in which your Flipbooks are stored. Flipbooks are always uploaded to a selected Folder. The number of Folders available on your account will depend on which type of account.

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  • Creating a Folder

    Creating a Folder

    In order to upload and convert a document to a Flipbook you'll need to have a Folder available to upload your PDF to.

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  • Editing a Folder

    Editing a Folder

    A Flipbook Folder controls how your Flipbooks are displayed. Using Folder Options, you can control what the background looks like, the Folder name, Favicon and much more.

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  • Folders & Flipbooks Management

    Folders & Flipbooks Management

    The Folders & Flipbooks Management section of your account is where you will be able to manage your Flipbooks and their Folders.

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  • What is a Folder Link?

    What is a Folder Link?

    A Folder Link will always serve the most recently uploaded Flipbook and the URL for the Folder Link never changes.

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