Folders & Flipbooks Management

The Folders & Flipbooks Management section of your account is where you will be able to manage your Flipbooks and their Folders.

Follow the steps below to get to the Folders & Flipbooks Management section:

Step 1 - Access Flipbook Management Screen

Click on the Flipbooks > Manage Flipbooks in the horizontal menu bar.


Step 2 - Select Folder to Manage

If you only have one Folder, you will be taken directly to the Folder view screen (see Step 3 below). Otherwise you will need to select the Folder you want to manage from the drop down menu.


Step 3 - Access Management Tools

Now you are at the Folder & Flipbooks Management section where you can access many different tools to manage to your Folders and Flipbooks. 

Refer to the screenshot below and the corresponding numbers to:

  1. Upload new Flipbook (two spots to access);
  2. Edit your Folder;
  3. Read your Flipbook through the Folder Link which will load the latest publication based on pub date;
  4. Access Promote tools such as the Folder link URL/cover thumbnail image, the embedded bookshelf code OR Mini Flipbook Folder embed code;
  5. View all of your uploaded Flipbooks in the Flipbooks pane;
  6. You can choose to sort your Flipbooks by ID, Name, Publish Date, Created Date, or Status;
  7. Delete your Folder. In order to delete a Folder, you must first delete ALL Flipbooks;
  8. Folder Completion Bar - What else needs to be done to complete the Folder; and
  9. Select the Folder you wish to manage.


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