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Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo all have their own ways of indexing and ranking websites/pages on user searches.

The main drivers to increase your search engine performance are the content, traffic and links to your page.   We already make all pages of your Flipbooks search engine friendly but there are a couple options you can set for your Folder that can help (see the screenshot below for reference).

Steps to Access the SEO Optimization Settings 

  1. Click on Flipbooks > Manage Flipbooks in the top menu bar.
  2. Choose your Folder (Starter Accounts with a single Folder will already have this field selected).
  3. Click on the Edit button in the dropdown menu and select Appearance and Branding.


Steps to Configure Your Folder SEO Settings

Each of the following steps in highlighted in the screenshot at the end of this article.

1.  Choose Basics > Search Engine Optimization

2.  Describe your Folder (Description Meta Tag)

3.  Add Keywords (Short and Long Tail)

  • Add a short description (max 250 characters) that describe the content for Flipbooks under the Folder.  This can help search engines better understand your content.
  • The description will also show on your custom domain landing page, if you have enabled your own custom publishing domain for the Folder
  • Keywords (keywords Meta Tag) - Your keywords can contain both short and long tail series of words. 
  • Add some keywords that refer to the subject matter of your content.  Make sure you separate your keywords with a comma, don't repeat your words or phrases, and go from most important to least.  Max 250 characters.

(4) Block search engines from indexing my content

  • Check this option if you do not want search engines to crawl/find your digital edition on searches.  If you have private content you don't want the general public to find on a search, make sure you check this option.  Also, if you have secured your content through Remote Authentication or Subscription System, you may want to block search engines because they will be able to provide a "backdoor' view to your page content, images and text.
  • NOTE:  If Google has already indexed your content and you then choose to block content, the search results will not be removed from Google searches until the next full web index, which is varied but generally once a month.  

(5) Click Update to save any new changes OR click cancel to take you back to the Flipbooks page.



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