Folder Widgets

Everything you need to know about adding Folder Widgets to your Flipbook Folders.

  • Welcome Popup Widget

    Welcome Popup Widget

    You can choose to display a popup window when your Flipbook first loads to alert your audience of an event, display advertisement, advise of a deal, share some information or just plain entertain!

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  • Custom Embed Widget

    Custom Embed Widget

    A Custom Embed widget will show to the left of all Flipbooks underneath a given Folder, and will display no matter what page the end user is viewing. This feature is supported on the DESKTOP version

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  • Custom Embed Widget (Examples)

    Custom Embed Widget (Examples)

    You can do some amazing things with your Custom Embed widgets, including adding menus, images, social media tools, and CTAs!

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  • Annotation Tools

    Annotation Tools

    If you are protecting your publication with subscription or remote authentication, users will be able to set page bookmarks and create notes that will show directly on the page.

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  • Clipping Side Bar Widget

    Clipping Side Bar Widget

    Clippings is no longer available for new Uberflip users. It was a feature that was sunset as of June 6th 2014.

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