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January 8, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

If you are protecting your publication with subscription or remote authentication, users will be able to set page bookmarks and create notes that will show directly on the page.

Once users login to their account, they can bookmark pages and make page notes that will always be displayed when they login.

Annotations are great for remembering your place in a publication, or making notes/comments you can reference the next time you view.

Users can just click on the annotation tools at the top right (BOOKMARKS) or bottom left (NOTES) to create (Image 1 below).

Users can click on sticky note icon to see the full note (Image 2 below).


  • User must be logged in to view (Subscription or Remote Authentication must be configured).
  • Page Comments or Sticky Notes are limited to 1000 characters or less.
  • If you click 'Preview' from your Page Editor to preview your Flipbook, any bookmarks or notes that you create while previewing will be saved. These will not show up normally in your Flipbook, though they will be saved and shown while you are in Preview mode. 

Image 1

Image 2

How To Turn On Flipbook Annotations

Go to the folder you wish to turn on Annotations for then select - Edit Folder>Widgets>Annotation Tools>select the "activate the annotation tools widget" checkbox

Note: If the user is not authenticated with a username and password, the annotation tools will not display. 

Subscription, Remote Authentication integration MUST be used in conjunction with the annotation tools.


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