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January 8, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Clippings is no longer available for new Uberflip users. It was a feature that was sunset as of June 6th 2014.

For legacy users, if you choose to embed selectable clippings (great for coupons, mail order forms, advertiser cutouts), you can activate a right side widget for end users to save/view and manage their clippings.

First you need to make sure you have created and embedded clippings within the pages of your Flipbook.

To activate the clipping side bar first go to Flipbooks > Manage Flipbooks, choose the Folder you want to add the Clippings Sidebar to, then click Edit under Folder Options:

Then click Widgets > Clipping Side Bar and select Activate.

You'll then have to fill out the required fields.  (See screenshots below for reference)

(1) Custom Headline (The header for your clipping side bar)

(2) Default Text/HTML (will show if there are no clippings added but will disappear as soon as clippings are added to the side bar)

(3) Allow customers to send you their basket checkbox (OPTIONAL):

  • Select this option if you want to allow end users to email their clippings/coupons/orders to an email address
  • Define the text that appears on the button users will click if they want to email their clippings (Orders: Custom Button)
  • Enter an email address to which the clippings will be emailed to
  • Once users click on the button to send their clippings they will need to fill out some information and click "send".

Clipping Side Bar Prior to Clippings Addition

Clipping Side Bar After Clippings Addition

Email Clippings Popup Window

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