How to Pass Hidden Fields with Form CTAs

March 20, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

You can now include Hidden Fields as a field type on your Form CTAs, allowing you to pass specific pieces of behind-the-scenes information along with a Form submission.

Using Hidden Fields at the Form-level makes it easy to attribute conversions to particular campaigns and referral sources (and much, much more) without your prospects and customers having to manually input information.

Here's how to add Hidden Fields to your Form CTAs.

Step 1 - Manage Fields

When editing your Form CTA, navigate to the Layout tab. Under the Form Fields section, click the pink Manage button.

Step 2 - Edit  Fields

On the popup that will appear, search for and add the fields to your Form CTA that you wish to set as Hidden Fields. Common fields you might want to have hidden include Lead Source, Campaign Name, Country, or Persona. In the example below, we've chosen to add the field Persona. Once your field appears in the list of available fields, click the pencil edit icon to proceed.

Step 3 - Set Field Type as Hidden

You'll now see a list of field configuration options.  Under the Field Type drop down menu, select Hidden. A new list of options will appear. 

Step 4 - Give Hidden Field a Value 

Enter a result for the Hidden value field. This information is what will appear inside your marketing automation database as the value for the field specified. In the example below, we're choosing to populate the field Persona with the value Marketing Mary when a visitor to this Hub submits this particular Form CTA.

That's it! You've added a Hidden Field to a Form CTA. You can also dynamically populate the contents of a Hidden Field using query string parameters. That approach is outlined here.

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