How to Use Form CTA Variations

January 8, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Form CTA Variations allow you to easily customize the look, feel, and action of a Form CTA for each individual Item in your Hub (please note that CTA Variations is currently a feature that is only available to users on Enterprise plans).

This feature is designed to save you time and make it easier to ensure that each of your Form CTAs is contextual. Using CTA Variations, you can change colors, copy, and link destinations to make sure that each of your CTAs speaks one-to-one with each user who is reading your content. 

CTA Variations exist between CTAs and Items, meaning that the placements of a Form CTA are of secondary importance when thinking about Variations. One you've set a Variation between a particular CTA and a particular Item, that Variation will appear in each Stream that both the CTA and Item have been applied to.

In the below example, you can see that a single Form CTA that was placed in the Uberflip Blog Stream has had a variation applied to the "12 People Proving That Content Marketing Is More Than A Buzzword (SlideShare)" post. In this case, the color has been changed and the word "amazing" has been swapped for "awesome" for illustrative purposes. One CTA, two variations. 

Ready to create your first Form CTA Variation? Follow the steps outlined below. 

Step 1: Find the CTA Variations Tab

When editing your Form CTAs, you'll notice a 5th and final tab called Variations with a multi-page icon. Click this tab to get started. 

Step 2 - Select Item for Variation

Once you click Add New Variation, a pop-up will appear that will give you the ability to select an Item from within the Stream(s) where you've placed your Form CTA. Click the Item you wish to apply the Variation to. 

Step 3 - Apply Variations to Form CTA

Once you've selected the Item, you'll see a range of configurable options appear that are very similar to the options found in the Layout tab. Each option is outlined in more detail below. 

(1) Change Design & Style 

You can customize the font color, background color, button text, and button color of your Form CTA Variation.

(2) Change Copy

You can customize the copy of your Form CTA to make sure you speak explicitly to the interests of the users consuming your content. For example, if you deal with customers in multiple industries you'll want to customize the copy for each industry depending on the nature of the placement.  

(3) Change Button Label 

You can customize the copy of your Form CTA's button label. There is a 12 character limit on button label text.

(4) Change Success Message

You can customize the copy of your Form CTA's success message. There is a 25 character limit on the success message.

(5) Change Font Size

You can change the font size of the copy that appears on your Form CTA by dragging the button left or right.

(6) Add Additional Variations for Other Items

You can add additional Form CTA Variations by clicking the blue Add New Variation button.

(7) Delete Variation

You can delete your Form CTA Variation at any time by clicking the Delete button.

Step 4 (Conditional) - Change Link Destination 

This is an optional step that you will only see if you've chosen to use the Link to Content feature found in the Layout tab when creating your Form CTA. 

(1) Change Link Destination 

You can change the end destination of your link by swapping out the URLs. You may want to use this feature to send people to different sections of your website (i.e. to particular product or services pages).

(2) Change Link Button Label

You can customize the link button label of your Form CTAs. There is a 12 character limit on the button label.

(3) Find Item In Your Hub to Link To (Optional) 

You can also choose to use the Link to Content feature to link to an Item inside your Hub. This could be a great option if a user has subscribed to your blog and you'd like to show them another piece of relevant content to consume.

That's it! You've set up a CTA Variation for your Form CTA. As a best practice, you should set up a Variation for as many individual Items in your Hub as possible.  

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