How to Create Views to Separate the Data Flow While Using a Single UA Code

November 14, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

You are able to integrate a single web property ID (UA code) within your Account on the Application. However, sometimes this may not be ideal with the default Google Analytics settings as this will result in all of your Hubs and Flipbooks under all Folders propagating data to a single default Profile or View.  

You can better separate your Google Analytics data for all of your Content by creating different Google Analytics Profiles (Views), to which you can add specific Filters to differentiate end user activity on specific Hub/Flipbook content.

Of course you'll need to already have a Google Analytics account with that UA Code generated and added to your Account on our Application in the Google Analytics Integration point.

Once you are ready to separate your data, navigate to your Google Analytics account and follow the below steps:

Step 1: Log Into Google Analytics and Click on Admin

Step 2: Choose the Correct Account and Property (UA Code) 

Step 3: Click View Dropdown Menu > 'Create New View'


Step 4: On the New Screen, Ensure You're Tracking a "Web Site"

Step 5: Choose a Meaningful Name for the View

  • If you are tracking all Flipbooks under a particular Folder, choose the name of the Folder (eg XYZ Newsletter, Sports Daily Magazine, Financial Reports)
  • If you are tracking particular Flipbook under a particular Folder choose a name accordingly (i.e. May 2013 Flipbook, 2013 Q1 Financial Reports)
  • If you are tracking all Hubs, name it accordingly (i.e. 'All Hubs')
  • If you are tracking a particular Hub, name it accordingly (i.e. ACME Hub) 

Step 6: Click 'Create View' Button to Finish


That's how you create separate views under each Web Property ID in Google Analytics. 

At this point you'll need to add Filters or Advanced Segments to get data on the separation of traffic flowing to particular Folders, Flipbooks or Hubs.


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