How to Use Google Analytics Filters with Uberflip Content

March 10, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

By applying a Filter to your Web Property (UA code) or View (profile)  on Google Analytics, you can restrict the data in your reports to only show traffic to a particular Flipbook or Hub.

*NOTE: When a Filter is applied to a View and data starts to propagate to Google Analytics, any data that is filtered out is NOT recoverable later within that Profile (View).   You can create multiple Profiles (Views) and Filters to ensure you get the data separation you require, and keep the main default Profile (View) to collect All Web Site Data.

Step 1 - Log in to Google Analytics

Go to the Admin Section and choose the Account and Property.

Step 2 - Choose the View You Want to Apply the Filter To (or create a new view)

Step 3 - Click on 'Filters'

Step 4 - Click on '+NEW FILTER' Button

Step 5 - Create New Filter and Configure

This will need to be adjusted based on your required preferences for the Filter.

NOTE: If you are seeking to track a STANDALONE FLIPBOOK, you'll need to enter the full URL into the "Filter Pattern" Field. For example,

Filter Tips

  • Give your filter a meaningful name for easy future reference; and
  • To ONLY count traffic to certain Hubs, Flipbooks, Folders, use the 'include' option, with the 'Request URI' Filter Field.  Then within Filter pattern you can include your Hub's Stream/Item IDs or Flipbook/Folder IDs.  Separate multiple IDs via the pipe character (|).
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