Integrate your Hub with Google Analytics, AdWords, AdRoll, DoubleClick and more!

Wondering how to integrate your Hub with services like DoubleClick and AdRoll? The answer is Google Tag Manager.

With Google Tag Manager (GTM), you can use some of the more popular third-party retargeting, advertising and tracking tools in your Hub.

Services like Google AdWords, DoubleClick, AdRoll, LinkedIn, mouseflow, nudge and crazyegg are all easily configured with GTM.

To start, you need to integrate your GTM account with your Hub. Once that process is complete, you can start creating tags in your GTM account for the services you need, or you can create custom tags!

Google AdWords

You can create two types of Google AdWords tags in GTM: one for conversion tracking, and the other for remarketing.

If you have Items or CTAs in your Hub that are part of an ad campaign, a conversion tracking tag could be used to send you information on what happens when a visitor to your Hub clicks the Item or CTA.


Floodlight Counter tags give you information on the number of times a visitor lands on a page after viewing one of your ads. Using DoubleClick in your Hub can give you information on what Items a visitor views after looking at an ad. 


With AdRoll, you can track visitors to your Hub and display ads to them related to the content they viewed. Once you have an account and have your SmartPixel, it's relatively easy to set up an AdRoll tag


Mouseflow offers analytic information on your Hub visitors, somewhat like Google Analytics (one major difference being that mouseflow isn't free).

By creating a mouseflow tag in your GTM account, you can see what works and what doesn't in your Hub. With the tag, you'll get information on where users click, where they move their mouse, scroll and interact with CTAs.


If you're a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions customer, you can use the LinkedIn Insight Tag for Lead Accelerator in Tag Manager. To do this, you'll need your Partner ID. 

Custom Image and HTML Tags

Don't see the service you want listed in Google Tag Manager? You could always create and use your own! 

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