Why Integrate Your Hub with Hootsuite?

November 13, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

We’re big social media buffs here at Uberflip – it’s an integral part of any content marketing strategy and one of the best ways to connect with your audience and share your content. That's why we integrate with HootSuite, a social relationship platform.

Here at Uberflip, our marketing team are power users of Hootsuite, so we know how comprehensive it is and how seamlessly it can become a part of your social media and content marketing processes and workflows.

Integrating your Hub with Hootsuite makes it easy to share your content through social media. For example, rather then grabbing a blog post URL from your Hub, switching windows and popping it into HootSuite, your Hub content can essentially live inside of HootSuite as a stream so you can Tweet or post to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ your Hub’s content all from one place. 

If you're looking to automate the social sharing of your content, integrating your Hub with Hootsuite is the way to go. 

Click here to learn how to integrate your Hub content with Hootsuite.

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Setting Up Your Hootsuite Integration
Setting Up Your Hootsuite Integration

Integrating your Hub with Hootsuite is a quick two-step process for Hootsuite users.

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