How to get embedded Flipbooks to open in Expanded Mode

If you're embedding a Flipbook inside a blog Item, you may have already noticed the 'Open Flipbooks in Expanded Mode' option for the Stream doesn't work. Here's a workaround.

This Flipbook has been embedded right into this post.
It works great, and looks great, but what if we wanted to have the Flipbook open in expanded mode instead of inside the Item?

Step 1 - Get the Link

Inside this post, we're using an iframe, which is basically a box. In the '<>Source' code of our Item, we're using a URL to tell the browser to show the Flipbook inside that box.
That URL looks like this:;expanded=false.
When looking at the Item Editor, you should see a '<>Source' button at the top. Click that button so you can see the iframe code.
Inside the iframe, you'll see a URL. Copy that link and keep it somewhere safe.

Step 2 - Go to the Meta Data tab.

Now click the Meta Data tab (right next to the 'Editor' tab).
Look for the 'Canonical URL' box and place the URL there. The app will automatically save this change.

Step 3 - Update your Stream Options.

Now go to your Stream Options. You can get there quickly by clicking the Stream name at the top under 'Edit Article'.
Click the hamburger menu icon next to the search bar at the top, and select 'Options' from the drop down menu.
Check the 'Auto Redirect to Canonical URL' option.
Now, when someone opens the Item that has your embedded Flipbook, the Flipbook will automatically open in fullscreen (ie. using the link you placed in Step 2).

Things that are Good to Know

If the Flipbook doesn't open correctly, try removing the URL parameters, such as 'source=hub'. You probably don't need any parameters!
Activating the 'Auto Redirect to Canonical URL' option will mean that all Items in the Stream will automatically redirect to their canonical URL. If you don't want any of your other Items to redirect, you'll have to remove the URL from the meta data tab for those Items.
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