Integrate SumoMe With Your Hub

October 27, 2015 Sam Brennand


Integrating SumoMe with your Hub is a quick and easy process that can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to lead generation, social sharing, analytics, traffic generation, audience communication, and more. 

Just follow the steps below to integrate SumoMe with your Hub in minutes.

Step 1 - Install SumoMe

Visit the SumoMe website and sign up for a free account. Right away, you'll be prompted to enter your Hub address. Once you've provided it, you'll then be prompted to install SumoMe on your Hub using a bit of JavaScript. 

Copy the provided code.

Step 2 - Paste Code Into Custom HTML

Login to your Hub and click on Appearance in the left menu. On the page that loads, click Custom Code and ensure that you have enabled Custom Code on your Hub by selecting the "Enable Custom Code" checkbox. 

In the Custom HTML section, paste in your SumoMe script. 

Step 3 - Save Your Work

Don't forget to hit Save to finish up!

At this point, you've successfully integrated SumoMe into your Hub. Congratulations! The following steps outline what you'll need to do on the SumoMe side to start adding Apps to your Hub.

Step 4 - Visit Your Hub Through SumoMe

Click the green Visit Site button to load up your Hub.

Step 5- Access SumoMe Toolbar

When your Hub loads, you'll notice a blue toolbar hovering off to the right of your page, right underneath your Hub Search and Sharing icons. Don't worry, only you can see this toolbar. Click on the small Crown to get started.

Step 6 - Access Sumo Store

On the popup that appears, click the Sumo Store icon.

Step 7- Find Your Favorite Apps 

Browse through SumoMe's Sumo Store to find Apps that coincide with your marketing goals. The Sumo Store breaks down its apps by:

  • Email Apps 
  • Analytics Apps 
  • Sharing Apps 
  • Traffic Apps 
  • Communications Apps 
  • Upgrades & Services Apps 

Step 8 - Configure Options

Depending on the app you select, you'll have different options to configure. For the purposes of this demonstration, the Wallpaper App was selected (allowing you to show visitors to your Hub a beautiful - and highly converting - front page when they visit your Hub for the first time). 

Step 9 - Activate Your App

To finish up, make sure you activate your app by toggling the status from Paused to Active.

That's it! You've integrated SumoMe with your Hub.

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