Change Hub Domain (Custom Domain)

December 1, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

Here you can find the option to change your Hub's domain between the Uberflip co-branded domain and your custom domains.

For example, if you've built your Hub under the co-branded Uberflip Domain and just setup your Custom Domain, you can move the Hub over to your Custom Domain using this tool

NOTE: When  you move a Hub from one domain to another, we'll always perform an automatic redirect from old address to new address, to ensure that any links that have already been promoted or saved by end-users will still lead them to your Hub.  If you want to change this default behavior, you can always change it with the domain configuration tools.  See this article for more detail

Also, while we do have that automatic redirect when moving a Hub from one domain to another, this does not work for embedded Hub content.  If you have any existing Embedded Hub content placed on external web pages, please be sure to regenerate and replace those embed codes after you've changed the Hub Domain ASAP!

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