Item Tags in Front End Search

October 1, 2018 Jason Oakley

There is now another reason to tag your content items in Uberflip. You can now enable tags in your Hub search results. 

Until now, when visitors use your Hub search, their search terms are referenced against the title, description, and body of your content. There are some cases, however, where this text might not contain the words or phrases people use to search for that content. 

Now, with tags on front end search, you can use tags to add special search keywords to any article. 

To enable this feature in your Hub, simply navigate to your Hub Options page and check the box labeled, “Include Item tags in Hub search.”

Once this feature is enabled, your tags will start to be factored in to what is served up to searching visitors. 

Item tags in search results

Tip: Use tags to increase discoverability of your content. If you have and content Items that don’t include certain keywords or topics that your audience will search for, include them as tags!

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