What determines how many tiles display in a row on a Hub?

Hub Item tiles are the links that end users click on to access and enjoy your amazing content!  

Knowing how these tiles display on different devices can help you understand the experience your audience will have on any device!

Hubs are built to be responsive across different devices, which may have different screen widths, and the number of tiles that display in a single row is dependent on the browser width in  pixels.

Below are the different 'break points' in browser width (or container width if you are using the Hub Website Embed tool) that define how many tiles display in a single row.   

2 tiles wide:  minimum 561+ px
3 tiles wide (No Large Highlight):  861+ px (top menu), 981+ px (left side menu)
3 tiles wide (Large Highlight tile will start displaying): 990+ px
4 tiles wide: 1337+ px 
5 tiles wide: 1607+ px
6 tiles wide: 1877+ px



  • These breakpoints are for Hubs that have no Custom Code applied that would affect Hub container width.
  • You can determine your own tile display behavior by applying your own Custom Code

Please contact support if you have any questions!

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