What Happened to Authors?

October 14, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Authors went from being a Hub Option, to a Team Role. We added a new level of permissions to Hubs so that you can have an author go in and write content, but not publish it.

If you've added, edited or removed authors from your Hub, you'll notice these options will no longer be available in your Hub Options. 

You'll now be able to create a new 'Author' role in your account under 'Teams'. This new role has basic permissions to create, update and edit articles in 'DRAFT' mode. 

Read more about Authors, and how to create this new Team Member in your account, here.


What kind of permissions do they get?

Authors have permission to create and edit drafts they've created in your Hub.

They cannot publish drafts, or publish changes to an article that has already been published. These account types can only access the dashboard and content. Any drafts they create, they will own (and cannot be removed from).


Great. What Happened to the Authors already in my Hub?

The 'Authors' page that was in your Hub has been removed. Each of the authors in your Hub will now be team members.

If you had authors in your Hub that didn't have bios (if, for example, they were imported when you imported a Blog Stream), they will be designated an 'Inactive Author'.

Looking at the 'Teams' section of your Hub, you'll now have one page for Authors and another for Inactive Authors.


Inactive Author vs. Author

Think of the Inactive Author as a contributor or guest blogger. They don't have an email address on your Hub account, or any bio information. Inactive Authors can be assigned to Hub Items, but they cannot write or create articles, manage any content or log in to your Hub.

The Author is a Team Member on your account. They can write draft articles and edit content they've created. Authors must at minimum have an email address on your account. Once they've accepted an invitation to join your team, they can log in to your Hub to create and edit articles.


Now What?

Each of the names listed as 'Author' in your Hub can get login privileges and the ability to create and edit Blog Items in 'Draft' mode.

If you're a Team Lead and would like an 'Inactive Author' to become an 'Author', you'll have to go in and edit their profile in the Teams section of your Hub. Find out how to do that here.

If you delete an Author from your Hub, their name will still be on Items, but without a link to any other articles they've published. Deleting an author (either Active or Inactive) will remove them completely from articles in your Hub.

Now, when you import a new Blog into your Hub, the author's name is taken from the blog feed and added to each blog Item in your Hub.

An account will not be created for the authors imported from a blog feed.

Check out this section of the Knowledge Base for more information about Teams.

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