Conversion Item Title, Conversion Item ID & Last Visited Item ID

March 20, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Looking to track which piece of content a user converts on? Interested in finding out what the last piece of content a prospect or customer viewed was? You can use Custom Fields in HubSpot for that! Here's how.

Creating new Custom Fields in HubSpot for Last Visited Item ID, Conversion Item ID, and Conversion Item Title will allow you to track the last item a user viewed as well as what items they submit a Form CTA on.

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Last Visited Item ID

Along with the page counters, we also send over the last visited item ID to the contact’s profile if we know who the user is.  The field required to obtain this information must be created, as it is not a default in HubSpot.  When creating the field, make sure the name and API name are listed as 'uf_last_visited_item_id'.  

If you create this custom field you will begin to see this data populate for all known contacts.

To add this custom field in HubSpot:

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Click on Contacts Settings; and
  3. Click on Create Property

Firstly, for Last Visited Item ID, enter: 

  1. Label: uf_last_visited_item_id;
  2. Name: uf_last_visited_item_id;
  3. Description: uf_last_visited_item_id; and
  4. Type: Single Line Text or Number Field.



Conversion Item ID & Conversion Item Title

Form CTA submissions function by sending the user’s submitted data to our servers, which is then relayed into HubSpot. If a submitted Form CTA is in some way tied to a Hub Item we will also send that particular Hub Item ID to the created/updated lead’s profile so you know which Item that user converted on in your Hub.  Wahoo! 

Please note that when linking out to an Item using the Link to Content aspect of the success message, this action will take priority over the Item page.  Hidden Item parameters tied to this Hub Item ID will also be sent to HubSpot. 

The fields in HubSpot that we will update when all of this magic happens are called 'uf_conversion_item_id' and 'uf_conversion_item_title'. We use both so you'll be able to track based on both the ID number and the content's Title. You'll need to create these fields as new custom fields in order for them to start populating. 

Follow these steps after logging in to your HubSpot account to create the new custom fields (which reference the screenshots below): 

  1. Go to Contacts
  2. Click on Contacts Settings; and
  3. Click on Create Property

Firstly, for Conversion Item ID, enter: 

  1. Label: uf_conversion_item_id;
  2. Name: uf_conversion_item_id;
  3. Description: uf_conversion_item_id; and
  4. Type: Single Line Text or Number Field.

Secondly, for Conversion Item Title, enter:

  1. Label: uf_conversion_item_title;
  2. Name: uf_conversion_item_title;
  3. Description: uf_conversion_item_title; and
  4. Type: Single Line Text or Number Field.

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