Setting Up Your HubSpot Integration

March 28, 2017 Uberflip Customer Success

By connecting your HubSpot account with your Uberflip Hub, you’ll be able to generate highly qualified leads and create campaigns with a better understanding of who exactly your audience is.

Step 1: Connect your HubSpot Account to your Hub

Step 2: Enable Content Counters and Flipbook Tracking

Step 3: Create new HubSpot Custom Fields

Step 1 - Connect your HubSpot Account to your Hub

In the Integrations area of your Hub, click the "Connect" option for your HubSpot integration.

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You'll see a pop-up screen that asks for your HubSpot API key. A link at the bottom of the pop up will direct you to your account in HubSpot to find the right API Key.

Paste your API key in the box and hit 'Enter API Info'

Step 2 - Enable Flipbook Tracking and Content Counters

You will want to enable 'Flipbook Tracking' and 'Content Counters' to track what your leads are doing in your Hub. Setting this up will allow you to track behavior within your Hub and link it with specific contacts.

After successfully integrating HubSpot with your Hub, you should see three buttons beside 'HubSpot' in the Integrations section: 'Disconnect', 'Edit' and 'Fields'.

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To activate tracking within your HubSpot integration, click 'Edit'.

From the 'Edit Settings' screen that pops up, check the 'Flipbook Tracking' 'Content Counters' box: 

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Hit 'Save'.

Step 3 - Create new HubSpot Custom Fields

From the Integrations page, click the 'Fields' button beside your HubSpot integration.

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A popup will appear with a list of fields you must create to track lead information. If the fields are in red, they have not yet been created in your HubSpot account. To create these custom fields, click on 'Add' next to each field in the list. This will automatically create the fields in your HubSpot account.

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Connecting the Last Visited Item ID, Conversion Item ID, and Conversion Item Title fields will allow you to track the last item a user viewed as well as which items they submit a Form CTA on.

That's it! You're done. 

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