Pro Tips: Getting the Most out of your HubSpot + Uberflip Integration

September 23, 2016 Uberflip Customer Success

Three tips for optimizing your Hubspot <> Uberflip integration so that you get the most out of it.

Don't delete any forms that show up in HubSpot

After you integrate your Hub with HubSpot, you may see forms automatically created in your HubSpot account when you create a Form CTA in your Hub. Do not delete any of these forms! This could break your integration and cause problems for your other CTAs.

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Using Query Strings? Don't forget to Whitelist them!

You can use query string parameters to track visitors who have landed on your Hub from an email, share link or page on your website. Before you can have this query string data passed to HubSpot with a Form CTA submission, you have to whitelist the query string.

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Put Hidden Fields on Items (Enterprise Only)

If you have Items in your Hub that you want noted in a Lead's profile, you can use hidden fields on that Item. These hidden fields will be passed to HubSpot if and when a Lead fills out a Form CTA on that Item. Note that this feature is only available to Enterprise accounts. 

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