Setting Up Form CTAs with HubSpot

November 19, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

When creating a Form CTA, you will be directed to the service configuration portion of the Form CTA (the first of four tabs). To start, click on the HubSpot icon to create your HubSpot-linked Form CTA.

HubSpot has 2 Form CTA configuration options that can be set in the first tab of the Form CTA setup process. The below options are outlined in the screenshot at the end of this article.

Option 1 - Select a HubSpot Smart List

When you integrate your HubSpot account with your Hub, all of the Smart Lists from your HubSpot integration will be listed in the drop down.  

If selecting a Smart List, once a user fills out the Form CTA in question they will be automatically added to this HubSpot Smart List.  

Option 2 - Do Not Select a HubSpot Smart List 

If you don’t choose a Smart List to integrate with, all leads will flow into your main Contacts list on Hubspot.

Click here to learn more about setting up a Form CTA once you've selected a HubSpot Smart List.

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