9 Uberflip Metrics That Can Help You Turn Insights Into Action

March 17, 2015

Once you've launched your Hub, it's time to dive into your Metrics. Uberflip's Metrics suite is one of the most powerful parts of the platform and allows you to turn insights into action. 

This tutorial covers 9 key Metrics you should start tracking once your Hub has been live for a few weeks. They include: 

(1) Hub Content Scores 

(2) Hub Average Time per Visit Stream Comparison

(3) Hub CTA Comparison

(4) Hub CTA Click-Through Performance 

(5) Hub Social Shares 

(6) Flipbooks Average Time-on-Page 

(7) Flipbook Search Queries 

(8) Flipbook Links Clicked 

(9) Flipbook Page Heat Map

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How to Use Sales Streams

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