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Launch Zone: Quick Start Training Video

Are you a new user who just inherited an existing Uberflip Hub and want to learn more? If so, this training video is meant for you.

  • This is a one-hour training video that goes over the basics of how to use Uberflip.
  • You will want to make sure to be logged into your Hub to follow along.
  • As this is a training video, we recommend pausing throughout to try your hand at some of the lessons we go over. 
  • Your Hub is likely live and public, make sure to not make any changes that could affect your Hub. For instance, do not make any changes to your menu structure and delete any Streams, and make sure to keep any practice Streams that you create 'hidden'.
  •  Finally, grab a snack and learn more about Uberflip Hubs!

If you will be one of the core owners of your company's Hub and are looking for a deeper understanding of the Uberflip Platform, check out our Launch Zone series of webinars, training videos, and resources (four trainings, around 45 minutes each). 

If you are looking for additional resources about the topics discussed in the above training video, check out our:

  • "Aggregate" Resources: learn how to navigate the content area of your Hub, how to import various Content Streams, how to create Flipbook Folders and import PDFs.
  • "Manage" Resources: learn how to use Marketing Streams, Tags, Smart Filters, and Scheduled Tasks to manage the content in your Hub. Learn how to set up your Custom Hub Menu.
  • "Convert" Resources: learn how to create Calls to Action (CTAs) and how to use Link and Form CTAs within your Hub to gate items and convert visitors into qualified leads.
  • "Optimize" Resources: learn about distributing your Hub Content, SEO and your Hub, and 
    Hub performance measurement.
  • "Uberflip for Sales" Resources: learn how you can give your Sales team easy access to your company's content marketing to use in prospecting calls and deals. Learn more about the Uberflip Extension.
  • "Interactive Flipbook Tools" Resources: learn how to create a Flipbooks Folder, upload a Flipbook and optimize your Flipbooks to be more interactive. 

Finally, make sure you join the Uberflip A-List to earn awesome prizes for completing challenges! Who can say no to Uberflip swag, gift cards, pizza parties, and more?!

Have questions, concerns, or comments? Don't hesitate to contact your Success Team or our amazing Support Team at support@uberflip.com or 1 (888) 694-2946.

About the Author

Launch Zone Flipbot

Greetings! I'm Flipbot, your friendly Uberflip assistant. I'm here to help you launch your Hub and ensure that you become an Uberflip expert. Buckle your seat belt and prepare for launch!

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Launch Zone: Quick Start
Launch Zone: Quick Start

Are you a new user who just inherited an existing Uberflip Hub and don't know where to start? If so, this g...

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