Adding a CTA Background Image

November 8, 2017 Jason Oakley

Creating an eye-catching CTA that aligns with your brand can help you increase conversion rates and create a visually cohesive Hub. One way to achieve this is with custom CTA background images. 

Here are some examples:

Adding Custom Images to your CTAs

Adding a custom background image to your CTA is a quick and easy process. 

1. When creating or editing a CTA, select the Design tab and click on the blue Upload button to upload your custom image. 

2. Locate and upload the desired image from your computer. 

3. We’ll then load your image into our Image Cropper tool where you can adjust what area of the image is visible on your CTA. When you’re done just hit Save!

If you really want to be specific with creating the perfectly sized image for your CTA, you can follow the specifications below to ensure it’s a perfect fit. 

  • Image size - 250px X 330px
  • Resolution - 72ppi
  • File size - 1.5MB or less
  • File type - .png or .jpeg

Here’s a simple Google Draw template you can use that’s preset to the exact size above.

Important: One thing to note about this feature, is that you can now leave your Tagline blank. So, for example, if you create an image with text already in it or your CTA doesn't require a tagline, you can leave that field empty. 

Editing Image CTAs

To change or replace an image on your CTA, just click the Remove button to remove your current CTA image and upload a new image. 

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