Configuring a Link CTA

January 22, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

A Link CTA has four customizable options that allow you to tailor your messaging, collect specific pieces of information from users, use advanced features like progressive profiling, and more.

Each of the customizable options are referenced in the screenshot below. They are:  (1) Tagline/Copy, (2) Button Label, (3) Link Action (Destination), (4) Link Action (Options). Each is explained in more detail below.

(1) Tagline/Copy

The Tagline/Copy is visible in the default state and should invite the user to click the button.

(2) Button Label

The Button Label is what shows on the submission button and is a piece of text that can be customized. As a best practice, keep this to-the-point whenever possible and A/B test until you find the copy and color that converts best.

(3) Link Action (Destination)

The Link Action is what you want your visitors or users to do. Using the Link Action, you can:

  • Send users to a landing page, section of your site or other URL; 
  • Send users to a social media profile; 
  • Allow users to make a Skype phone call;
  • Allow users to send you a message via email; or
  • Allow users to send a  message via SMS (e.g.  +123456789).

(4) Link Action (Options)

Depending on what action you would like your users or visitors to take, you can change the Link Action's technical element by toggling between: 

  • http:// (regular links) 
  • https:// (secure links)
  • mailto: (email addresses) 
  • tel: (phone numbers)
  • sms: (text messages) 

That's it! Once you've configured all of the above options, you'll be ready to style and place your Link CTAs among your Hub's content.

Ready to get started? 

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