A Quick Start Guide to Using Custom CTA Background Images

November 8, 2017 Jason Oakley

Design is one of the most important elements of your CTA. A compelling CTA design has been proven to capture the attention of an audience and improve conversion rates. To enhance the visual appeal of their Uberflip CTAs, marketers can leverage Custom CTA Background Images. 

In this article, we'll cover:

  • How to add background images to your CTAs
  • Best practice examples to help you get started


How do I add images to my CTAs?

You can add a custom background image to your CTA in a few simple clicks. Just follow the steps below:

1. When creating or editing a CTA, select the Design tab and click on the blue Upload button to upload your custom image. 

2. Locate and upload the desired image from your computer. 

3. We’ll then load your image into our Image Cropper tool where you can adjust what portion is visible on your CTA. When you’re done just hit Save!

Bonus: If you want to create the perfectly sized image for your CTA, you can follow the specifications below to ensure it’s the perfect dimensions, file type and resolution. 

  • Image size - 250px X 330px
  • Resolution - 72ppi
  • File size - 1.5MB or less
  • File type - .png or .jpeg

Here’s a simple template you can use on Google Draw that’s preset to the exact size above.


Best practice examples to help you get started!

Wondering how you can start leveraging this feature in your Hub? Let’s look at some best practices and effective examples:

1. Use simple textures, patterns and/or gradients that align with your brand colors

This is a simple place to start when adding custom images to your CTAs. You can pull from design elements on your website and marketing collateral to create simple backgrounds that are easy to implement since they don’t need to be perfectly sized. 

2. Repurpose existing photos from your website

This is a great way to incorporate images from your website into your Hub. We typically suggest adding a colored overlay to your images and/or darkening them slightly so your taglines still pop!

3. Use icons to explain actions without words

Statistics have shown that CTA conversion rates start to decrease as the length of your tagline increases. Icons can go a long way in helping you communicate with less text on your CTAs. For example, a simple “Play” or “Download” icon can be immediately understood by visitors without having to use too many other words. 

4. Align your CTAs with event or campaign branding

Are you using a CTA to promote a specific campaign, event or piece of content? Use design elements from those initiatives to align your branding across all of your web properties. 

5. Use CTAs to create a visual Hub map for your visitors

One effective strategy for your Hub homepage is to create a visual menu experience using Link CTAs. This allows you to promote specific Streams of content and encourage discovery among your organic visitors. 




Ready to start adding creativity and personalization to your CTAs? Hop over to your Hub and get started!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Uberflip Support team at support@uberflip.com.

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